About Us

Macam Yes is a video production house in Malaysia. We are the team behind Dankhoo Productions, a YouTube channel with over 380,000 subscribers and over 65 million cumulative views. Dankhoo Productions is one of the best platforms for YouTube video marketing in Malaysia as we have a decently huge number of loyal subscribers that watches our videos.

Our company produces a variety of different video genre ranging from comedic contents, short films, lifestyle videos to corporate video. In this contemporary world, videos are widely used by businesses to promote an idea or brand. Through videos, it allows a company to make a direct emotional connection to a person as compared to reading facts in text.

While studies suggested that retention rate for information that is heard or seen alone are as low as 20%, it is proven the retention rate for the combination of both increases drastically to 80%. Most importantly, with the rise of digital devices and various video platforms such as YouTube or broadcast TV, it has made it ever more accessible to everyone. With a strong team of writers, productions and post-production crew, we are confident to say that we produce high quality videos that will deliver an impactful corporate video.



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