Film Production Service

MACAM YES STUDIOS is a film production company in Malaysia that produces cinematic films and short film on YouTube. Moreover, MACAM YES STUDIOS creates videos that will reach out to their client’s main targeted audience and spread the awareness by conveying their message through a video form. Consumers often absorbs memory through visuals and the best way to penetrate their core memory is to utilize video footages together with sound and special effects.

MACAM YES STUDIOS goes through the full process of film production which includes, pre-production, inclusive of casting calls, location scouting and budgeting; production, inclusive of and post-production creative direction,
technical direction and shooting; and of course last but not least, post-production which is inclusive of, editing, color correction, sound design, animation compositing and VFX Compression.

MACAM YES STUDIOS has a team of talented people that have years of knowledge and experience of video production in Malaysia that efficiently delivers each campaign’s objective. Each and every video is created through our in-house writers, videographers and editors, along with the usage of our state of the art tech gears and software, MACAM YES STUDIOS produces high quality film and videos for clients and viewers. MACAM YES STUDIOS also produces a variety of videos such as short films, comedy skits, documentaries, corporate videos as well as videos with motion graphic and visual effects.