Video Production Services

MACAM YES STUDIOS is a Malaysian based production house that specializes in creating digital content as well as providing services such as online video production and YouTube Marketing. MACAM YES STUDIOS is rated as one of the best video production companies and film Production Company in Malaysia and is constantly working very closely with clients to produce videos that effectively build and strengthen their brand image. We aimed to understand the objectives of the videos, the targeted audience, and the inspiration that motivates our audience. MACAM YES STUDIOS gathered a unique team that is capable of making your ideas come to live on screen. We produce various types of video content that includes short films, comedy skits, documentaries, corporate videos as well as videos with motion graphic and visual effects.

MACAM YES STUDIOS also handles the entire production process from pre-production work such as conceptualization, production planning, and talent search to post-production work such as editing, sound design, VFX and execution. Being one of the best video production company in Malaysia, we hope to bring more creative and interesting content to the world as well sharing our experience and perspective through our YouTube channel with each and everyone of you.